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Title: What's in a Name?
Authors: cherazor
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Disclaimer: I tried to kidnap the rights to DW from the BBC. All I got was a bruise from when they threw me out. Oh well.
He is the Doctor, traveling everywhere and everywhen in his TARDIS with Rose Tyler. The way it should be. Forever.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1521
Alternative sources: Fanfiction.net Teaspoon (coming soon)

So, yeah. The idea to this fic hit me as I got out of bed this morning...and it just wouldn't let me go. I had to write it. It's a bit different from what people are used to see from me, I suppose, but I wanted to try out a new writing style. Please tell me what you thought of it! :D

Some of the scenes in this fics are just random scenes I've had tumbling around my head for ages. I had no idea what to do with them as they weren't big enough to constitute stories of their own and they never seemed to fit the other stories I'm writing. I'm just so happy they worked in here. XD

This was lovingly betad by my friend Sofia. Thank you so much!

So, onwards! Read and review...well, if you feel like it.

To my bestest friend Linda. Just...thank you for always being there.

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Fic: What's in a Name?

Title: What's in a Name?
Authors: cherazor
Pairing: Ten II/Rose
Disclaimer: My plans to steal the DW rights have yet to come to fruition. Curses.
Rose decides to have the "you need a name"-conversation with the Doctor. She really should have known better.
Rating: G
Word Count: 947
Alternative sources: Fanfiction.net Teaspoon

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Fic: Doc Juan (3/7?)

Title: Doc Juan (3/7?)
Authors: cherazor
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Disclaimer: WHY IS IT NOT MINE? ;___;
Summary: The Doctor wants to start a romantic relationship with Rose. The problem? Rose doesn't seem to be receiving his signals. The solution? Mimic the human male behavior in similar situation as given in a girls' magazine. What could possibly go wrong?
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,757
Alternative sources: Fanfiction.net Teaspoon

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Doc Juan (2/7?)

Title: Doc Juan (2/7?)
Authors: cherazor
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Disclaimer: Yeah, it's still not mine, for some reason.
Summary: The Doctor wants to start a romantic relationship with Rose. The problem? Rose doesn't seem to be receiving his signals. The solution? Mimic the human male behavior in similar situation as given in a girl's magazine. What could possibly go wrong?
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1, 554
Alternative sources: Fanfiction.net Teaspoon

So, here we are, then - chapter two of the story and the first of the Doctor's attempts to be more like a human male... Yeah, I'm just going to leave it at that. XD I just hope you'll find the chapter as much fun as I did when I wrote it.

Another big thanks goes to sindacirwen for being my beta. You do a lovely work, my dear!

Have fun, people!

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Doctor Who fanfic! 8D

Title: Doc Juan (1/7?)
Authors: cherazor
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Disclaimer: Oh, I wish.
Summary: The Doctor wants to start a romantic relationship with Rose. The problem? Rose doesn't seem to be receiving his signals. The solution? Mimic the human male behavior in similar situation as given in a girl's magazine. What could possibly go wrong?
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1, 573
Alternative sources: Fanfiction.net Teaspoon

Yeah. I get some strange fanfiction ideas sometimes. Thank you so much to sindacirwen for leaping in as my beta as quickly and willingly as she did. <3

Dedicated to Sofia for telling me to "write something already so I can read it" - be careful what you wish for! XD

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Happy Halloween! Sorta.

Just a quick post - I was going to upload this yesterday, but I forgot. ^^;

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I got a ton of candy too as I went trick-or-treating with my sister. Yes, I'm probably too old for that, but my official excuse is that I had to go and watch my sister. And I didn't even bring a bag. People just gave my sister extra candy in her bag for me. XD

I should be studying now...

I should be studying right now...but since I did that yesterday and I haven't updated this in over a month, I feel that this is far more urgent. :P

MeuwCon was a lot of fun and I managed to get everything done in time, despite the fact that my parents decided to plan a ton of things before the convention. The same week as the con we traveled to Finland during the Tuesday to visit a couple of relatives. We got back six o'clock on Friday morning.

The same morning as the first day of the con. Fuuuuun. XD

The first day was pretty awesome, though. We went as Cosmo & Wanda from Fairly OddParents and a surprising amount of people recognized us. We were constantly stopped by people who wanted photos of us, as well as give us compliments on a job well done and for being different and not doing Japan-related cosplays. But, my favorite moment has to be when my sister and I were just about to step onto the subway when we suddenly heard a little girl's voice behind us "COSMO! WANDA!" we turn around and spot this tiny girl, maybe four years or so, staring wide-eyed at us while tugging at her mother and sister's sleeves. We didn't have time to stop so, I just grinned and waved at her while my sister smiled. The girl waved back and continued to shout after us, trying to get her family's attention. I think she wanted them to follow us. She was so adorable! She behaved just as if she'd seen THE REAL Cosmo and Wanda. They were real and wandering around the Swedish subway! *laughs* So cute!

The second day we dressed up as the characters from the Swedish show. SO MUCH AWESOMENESS! We were recognized everywhere! Even people on the street cried the shows name after us and stuff like that. Now, before I link a picture to us, let me show you a reference image on the stupidity we were portraying.

Reference image!

Yes. The show really was that silly. XD

And this is us. Wanna guess who's who? Apparently we looked so "identical" people had to walk up to us and ask if we were twins. XD

The last day we went as Chip Skylark (Fairly OddParents) and Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Moon). We were supposed to meet up with a cosplay group, but we kept missing each other, so I suppose the group meeting will happen some other time. Over all, we didn't get much done that day, because my sister got a bit sick. So she had to lay down and rest for a while. And after that we just went home, really. Good news is, I was recognized as Chip FOUR times (which beats UppCon by a mile! XD), mostly because some people recognized me as the "guy" who cosplayed Cosmo during the Friday and that got them onto the right track.

Fun part is, most people at the con thought I was a guy. Even after spending HOURS with me and hearing me talk. One staff member even led me to the men's restroom at one point...that was pretty embarrassing.

So, after the short rambling about MeuwCon I can also tell you that University has started by now and I am pretty much DROWNING in school work. Fun.

Okay. I'm done. I need to study now.

Brief quick update

Whoa, it's been a long day today. I went into town today and had my new glasses checked out - I really like them. They're slightly larger than my old ones, so I don't have to shove them further up my nose when they slide down. Woo! If you're curious, you can see a photo of mah new glasses here (I hope that link works. Tell me if it doesn't).

The next con I'm attending, MeuwCon, is two weeks away and I'm actually nearly finished with my cosplays. Amazing, right? I bought the last things I need to finish them today, so if I'm lucky, I might get everything done by tomorrow. Another special thing with these cosplays ("cosplayS" because I'm making my sister a set as well) is the fact that they're actually from a Swedish show. Amazing, huh? It's going to be so much fun. I have a feeling we'll get recognized wherever we go, because the clothes are so incredibly...special. And the show was so darn popular when it aired back in the day. XD But, let me tell you one thing... I'm so glad the costumes comes with HUGE sunglasses, because the costumes are silly. Far sillier than anything I've ever cosplayed before, and that's saying something! But the good thing is that I've learned how to sew suits because of this! The characters wear matching orange suits in the show, and since I thought that would be pretty hard to find in a store...I made them. And they look pretty good too! 8D

Okay, I don't know what else to say. Going to bed now.


Okay, it's nearly one a.m. I should be in bed, but I've been meaning to update this for over a week now, so yeah. I can sleep later. XD

As a quick update on the computer situation: I've bought myself a new computer. It's AWESOME and I love it so much. It doesn't crash! <3 It's got Windows 7 which I actually like more than XP, believe it or not! *laughs* I've sent the store I bought my old computer from a polite but firm letter about how I want my money back, so we'll see how that ends later on, I suppose. I'm expecting an angry call from them any day now, to be honest. They probably won't like my letter...

In other news, I turned 22 the16th this month. We didn't actually do anything. My mom and dad took me to the optician, so that I could get a new pair of glasses and they're paying. Awesome! :D My sister told me that she knows what to get me, but haven't had the time to buy it yet, so we'll see what I'll get from her. ^^

I also have a con coming up in August, so I'm working hard on finishing the cosplays my sister and I are wearing. I've got like...one and a half left, so I better work a bit faster, because I have a lot of other things to finish for the con as well.

Okay, now it's actually after one a.m. so I better go to bed now or I won't wake up in a decent time tomorrow. Heh.

Update on my computer

I thought I might as well update this with the latest developments.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was going to drop of my computer in the local computer store, which I did. Man were they quick and their service awesome! I dropped of my computer during the Monday last week. They called me back two days later on the Wednesday telling me that "we've found the problem. Your computer's heat crashing". I'm not particularly surprised, really. That's what I suspected from the beginning. Though, I was happily surprised over how fast they got back to me - the store I bought the computer from took over a month to get back to me...

Anyway,  so I went to the local store on the Thursday to talk to them about how much it would cost to get the computer fixed at their place, where they told me that they'd fix it for "free"; that it would be included in the "error searching" fee they would be charging me for just looking at the computer. Cut to Tuesday this week when they called me again. This time they were really apologetic - "I'm so sorry. We've tried fixing your computer, but it's just too far gone. We even tried swapping the cooling device and it just wouldn't help. As it is right now, you might as well buy a new computer." I told them that it was okay, but I asked if it would be possible for them to write a note about the exact error of the problem, so I could get back to the original store and get my money back, which they readily agreed to.

So I went back to the local store where they explained even further what they'd tried to do to fix my computer, gave me a two page long error description, signed and with a business card attached so the original store can contact them and ask questions, should any arise.

And still, after all of that...they only charged for the error searching. I was incredibly impressed with the way they handle their costumers, and I will be back, that's one thing for sure!

But anyway, now I have to write a polite but yet stern letter to the original computer store about how I want my money back... And I also have to choose a new computer to buy. I can't continue using my dad's computer like this. I feel really bad about it.