Cherazor's Ramblings of DOOM

Onwards to the land of demented thoughts

16 July 1988
Norrtan, Sweden
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art, back to the future, books, chip skylark, chocolate, conan o'brien, cosplay, donuts, drawing, fairly oddparents, fan fics, fan fiction, harry potter, lois and clark, phineas and ferb, pie, poirot, pride and prejudice, reading, renford rejects, rubberducks, sailor moon, sewing, swat kats, writing
Name: Cherry
Pen Names: Cherazor
Age: 12x2 8D
Gender: Female
Description: Who am I? Who am I? I'm the wonderful, powerful, unstoppable and almighty goddess of DOOM. I am...Cherazor. Fear me! ...Erm... Eh, no. Wait! Wrong intro. If you really want to get to know me...
I'm a twenty-two year old girl who's a somewhat... Erm...okay, strike that. I'm a very nutty person. So, do fear me. XD
Birthday: July 16
Location: Somewhere, in the deepest of forests, Sweden
Pets: A brother and a sister. -pause- Oh, you meant pets as in animals. Two cats, then. :P
Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon
Favorite Book(s): Harry Potter (pre HBP), Pride and Prejudice, Agatha Christie's Poirot
Favorite Movie(s): Well, I'm very fond of the first Back to the Future movie, but I don't think I have a favorite. I like a whole lot of movies. :P
Favorite TV-show(s): Lois and Clark, Poirot and Doctor Who